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Who She Is

Camille, known as Camille Beatriz professionally, is a Cuban American singer and songwriter from Athens, Georgia. Currently, still in her home state, she makes music with her fiancé, Chris, a longtime musician, and producer. She has been writing and playing guitar as young as 11 years old and has found herself as an artist with her recent releases. Her music projects different feelings and thoughts through a mix of Indie Pop, EDM, RnB, and even a little country which keeps her grounded in her roots. Sassy, heartfelt, and sometimes lighthearted, her music is easy to vibe to, as well as constantly reminding people to fight for what they believe in, but also have fun doing it. Her newest upcoming single, "Shot Of You" is an extension of that sound. Stick around as future music, even this year, will be unique and vulnerable in the most confident and sincere words to voice what you've probably wanted to say, but haven't.

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