In-Depth: 12 Types Of Artists With Income

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Hey guys, this is a post to dive deep into the post I made on Instagram about how artists can make money in 2020.

The reality is, I have more than 12 ways you can start making money.

These though are 12 ways I commonly see artists making money and how you can take part in the action. (If you aren’t already)

Even if you already make music full time, these are a great way to increase your income. Unless of course, you’re already taking advantage of all of them.

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So let me get started...

1) The Touring Artist

A touring artist doesn’t have to tour non-stop or even technically tour at all. But some artists do tour the better part of the year or even years at a time.

What I’m referring to here though are artists that make their money primarily off performing their own songs.

This is a really common way for artists to make money and the “traditional“ method to generate income, along with album sales.