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Will My Beat Remain For Sale For Others To Use?

If you purchase any license other than an exclusive, yes it will. If you would like for your beat to remain private to you, you should purchase the exclusive license as soon as possible.

What Does It Mean To Purchase A Beat Lease?

When you purchase a beat lease, you are buying the permission to use the instrumental for your own recording. You have it non-exclusively and Blaese will still remain the copyright owner for the composition of that instrumental. You will be the rights holder to the lyrics that you record over the beat. If the exclusive lease is purchased the beat will be removed from the store and no longer available to others.

What Are The Advantages Of An Exclusive Beat Lease?

An exclusive beat lease gives you the sole permission to use that beat for your project. This will potentially help your music stand out as no other artist will have a song with that beat. If others have already purchased the beat non-exclusively, they will not be able to re-new that lease when the terms have been met.

How Often Are New Beats Added To The Store?

To keep it fair and easy for artists like yourself to purchase the exclusive beat right away, beats are always released on a consistent schedule. New beats will be added to the store every M-W-F at 12:30 p.m EST or 9:30 a.m PST

How Will I Recieve My Beats Once They Are Purchased?

All instrumentals will be immediately available to download right on the confirmation page. You will also recieve an email with all the beats and lease information that you purchased. Please allow up to 30 minutes for this to arrive in your inbox. Most of the time it is instant but sometimes email servers have a delay. Remember to also check your spam and other folders for the email, just in case.

I Am Only Interested In Exclusive Beats, How Much Will That Cost Me?

Exclusive beats are always negotiable. Email chris@poweredbysound.co for more information and/or to make an offer. The price is based off of demand for that style and previous non-exclusive beat sales.

I Want A Sound That Is Unique To Me As An Artist. I Enjoy The Beats You Have Available But I'm Not Sure If I Should Just Hire You For A Custom Production. What Do You Think?

Both exclusive instrumentals and custom song production have huge advantages. It's hard to go wrong with either one. If you have a specific sound you want to continue to grow on, custom production could be the move. It is also great if you already have a song written and you'd like a beat that drives the emotional and lyrical content forward. Custom production is exclusive by nature so that is another huge benefit. On the other hand, an exclusive beat can save you money and have a faster turnaround for your overall project. The beat will be available to download just moments after you decide to purchase and you will be able to start recording right away. On average the cost is cheaper to you as well which will leave more room in your budget for marketing the project and other expenses. I would say that custom production is the way to go most of the time but in some cases an exclusive is the right call. Email chris@poweredbysound.co and I'd be happy to talk over the best option for you personally.

How To Make A Purchase

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Have Any Other Questions?

View the help section in the footer of this page or contact chris@poweredbysound.co


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