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Artist Services

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Artist Development & Coaching

Actionable Business Plans

Custom Consultation Sessions

Songwriting Tools & Assistance

Market Planning & Consultations

Release Consultation

Visual Branding

Album Art, Logo & Merch Designs

Social & WEB Presence

Advertising Consultation

Music Registration

Sync Music Catalog

Registrations, Splits & Agreements

Artist Resources

Public Relations

Print On Demand Digital Merch Store Set-up

Touring/Live Performance

Artist Management Resources

As an extension of our music production service, we offer these additional services to fulfill the needs of your project.  


Artist Development & Coaching

Your career needs action behind it.

A way to generate income.

We've all been there.

These business plans take work, but we have put together the frameworks for your success.

PDF Guides, Editable Templates, Spreadsheets & much more will help you get there as quickly as possible. Paired with consultation, you'll have the confidence to feel unstoppable.   

Everyone is unique. 

Your needs aren't the same as anyone else.

We don't ignore that. 

Just tell us what you need to learn, we're here to help. 

No matter how basic or advanced your struggle is. 

Schedule a call & we'll get started knocking down those walls.

You love to sing in the shower, rap in the car & you're not afraid of performing.

Still, you don't even know where to start with writing your own songs. 

That's why we have built our songwriter kit.

Perfect for training you on the basics. 

When you get some confidence, we have an on-staff songwriter ready to help you improve your chops.

You love what you do, you're starting to really gain some traction on your own with social media. 

But what's next. 

How do you keep things growing and at a faster pace? 

Even if you're just getting started, that's where our custom content calendars come in. 

Whether you're new to social media or just don't know how to properly build up hype for your release. 

The custom calendar is tailored perfectly for your needs & personality. 

We come up with the strategy & plan.

You create the content & execute it. 

Actionable Business Plans





tools &


Custom Content



Market Planning & Consultations

The song has been written for months.

We finally got the project finished up.

Fully Produced, Mixed & Mastered  😅

Your song is exactly how you want it


You know your fans will love it. 

Already showed Mom, Dad, The Dog & all your close friends. 

They certainly love it & are ready to spam the comments. 

You ask yourself though, is that really enough 🤔

Is that even what marketing is 🧐

No way the big dogs can be betting on that & luck, right? 

You're not wrong, and you're not alone in the mystery of independent music marketing.

And don't worry because we're here to close that gap. 

Fill you with knowledge & more importantly help you properly plan that release.

Strategy AND Execution. 

Yup, that means a press release, social media, song reviews, crowd reviews, digital marketing, guerilla marketing & even inbound marketing [Not just email/SMS and chat either] 

But first, we need to get on the phone. 

Schedule your FREE consultation call & let's do this thing right.

Writing songs, studio sessions, open mics, live performances, behind the scenes, those model shots...

Most Artists have A LOT to keep up with these days. 

& frankly spending time planning your social media might cut into valuable time to spend with friends, family.. your dogs.🤷🏻‍♂️

We don't do everything for you. 

That just takes away your fun and removes your personality. 

We can help you plan, strategize and execute every day though. 

Hold you accountable. 

Even re-design your website for every new release & tour.


Whether you choose to schedule your posts or not is up to you. (We don't recommend)  

We're just here to help you do things right.

Post at the best times, use the best hashtags, choose the right content, edit things in After Effects & Photoshop, and really, just be the best you. 

You might be thinking, I've never spent any money on ads. 


Last time I tried paid ads, I wish I had bought a lottery ticket. 

Makes sense. 

If you don't have the experience we now have with them.

The first time I ran ads, I couldn't understand the hype. 

I'm not talking about boosting social media posts, though we can help with that. 

I'm talking about a real thought-driven advertising campaign across multiple channels with one clear call to action and mega distribution.


I'm talking everywhere. 


Direct mail, email, SMS, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud. 


Wherever your fans are we'll find them. 


If you have the budget we'll get your ad on Hulu & other TV streaming platforms. 


Now that's bada$$. [I know you thought it] 

Seriously though, we'll take things as far as they need to go within your budget. 



[TikTok & Instagram]

What's with all these online influencers? 

Do people actually pay them to promote stuff? 

In short, yes. 

They can be an extremely valuable resource to your brand if used correctly. 

But they can also drain your wallet with little to show for it if not properly executed. 

Don't worry though, we got you covered. 

We help you find influencers with a variety of sizes and markets. 


Whether it's a new single, a vinyl pressing, merch, a private label product, or anything within your brand.


We'll make sure all the people your fans look up to are talking about it.  




Consultation & Strategy


& Web Presence 




&/or Execution




Visual Branding

The songs are fire. 🔥

Everyone who's heard em' knows it too.

Still, you know you need a strong visual brand to get them out to the masses. 

Download the Adobe free trial & get to work? 

You could, 

But you might rather take a creative break right now before you start to tour & play shows. [oh, you're not doing that?.. let's talk for sure]

Even if you're juiced up ready to work some more, you may still need some help. 

We've done art for some great artists.


& if they can trust us with their project, I ask you at least give us a shot. 

We like to bundle this one in with production anyways, just to keep things in-house, seamless & true to the whole vision for the project. 

So if it's on the house, what's to lose? 

We still do one-off projects and we know you won't be disappointed with the price.


When you're just getting going, a logo can be the last thing on your mind. 

I mean no one's even heard your music yet, right? 


Still, coming out of the gate with a strong logo & visual brand is super important now. 

I wish I had one back then. 

What I used to think was my "logo" is kinda embarrassing at this point. 

Sure, you can go on Fiverr and have someone draft it up. 

We'll even help you with that. 

But in our experience, unless you go into that project with great ideas flowing, it'll be pretty generic. 

We are connected to amazing artists all around the world & also know some of the top guys on Fiverr. 

We can make sure you link up with the right graphic designer for you & even do all the communication. 

And that's after we get an unbeatable logo conceptualized and drafted out. 

Like the album art, we typically bundle this into our production package for the people that need it. 

Let's hop on a call & see what's up. 

You've got great ideas. 

You know people would drip in your merch.

You've got the sauce. 

[And no one's making pasta around here

The one thing your missing? 

Bringing them to life. 

Making them a reality. 

Watching your friends and fans sport your brand like they're betting on something. 

[They are by the way, betting on you]

You don't want to let them down with some lame a## merch designed by your best attempts. (No offense) 

That's where we come in. 

To hook you up. 

Get your designs & merch store looking ready for a fashion line.

[Only thing missing is the models but that's where you come in 😉] 

We make sure every item we design for you is ready for the stage or wherever it's headed.

You & your fans will feel even more confident in yourselves and brand than you did before. 

Walking around the mall in this stuff like it's 07' and you just left Hot Topic. 🥶​👩🏻‍🎤​



Logo Concepting

& Design




Music Registration

[ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, HFA, Music Reports, Crunch Digital, SoundExchange, Acoustid, ACR Cloud, Audible Magic, Exactuals, Gracenote, MediaNet, TiVo, Quantone, AARC]

The music is finished. 

The artwork is done. 

We've got some new merch coming. 

You already know you're getting some press on this one. 

But what if someone steals your ideas? 

Puts your music somewhere it doesn't belong? 


A better case scenario, a huge brand wants to license the track for a commercial. 

How do you know everything is squared away? 


Proper registration across the relevant channels. 

Problem is, 

Depending on your goals and position, there is a lot of places to register. 


Sure, you can do it all yourself. 

(We'll need you to sign up with them for yourself  anyways) 

But really, 

Are you going to know what each one is for? 

You could read our blog & find out, 

But we include registration on every track we produce. 

%100 No charge to you. 

The reason why is we want our music to be registered properly too. 

& prove that it does make a difference. 

We know your song could chart. 

So let's make it eligible for Billboard charts. 

Make sure when the time comes we can issue a takedown if needed. [Hopefully not but better safe than sorry] 

Even better yet, let's be sure we can monetize off of every lyric video upload, fan posts & every royalty out there. 

And straight up, this is the only way. 

Proper registration on all these platforms. 

You wrote the song, but your best friend was there. 

They helped some. 

You also co-write with another songwriter often. 

And with permission, you used part of an older song you wrote together.

How are the royalties split though? 

That's where split sheets come in. 

A necessary agreement that all parties must sign.

It determines how the royalties are split. 

Maybe your another friend wants %3 for being in the room. 

It might be in your favor to give it to them if they contributed at all. 

Ultimately though, they are needed in every session to be sure you have no legal problems come up in the future. 

You also need to be able to provide it if someone asks. 

So let's just get it out of the way. 

Download the app Auddly or Splits now.


Go ahead. 


You don't even need us for this. 


We're just going to make sure it's done if we work together so don't sleep.  🤝😴​

Legal stuff...

We know 😒

Really though, at this point, we've mostly got our bases covered. 

A few things left to square away though. 

And unfortunately, the more active & independent you are, the more agreements & contracts you'll need. 

Some of which include work-for-hire agreements, artist management contracts, broadcast release forms, talent release contracts, producer contracts, distribution contracts, event production contracts, sound & lighting contracts and more. 

We've got em' all for you though. 

You can grab them here. 

Or hop on a call for custom production and we send the whole pack with the first project.

We have a list of really good entertainment lawyers for you to finalize things with if you don't already have someone. 

Unfortunately, we don't have anyone on staff so remember to always consult with a lawyer before signing, agreeing or using anything. Even if it's from us.

U.S. Music





& Agreements

Movie Theatre

Sync Catalog

It's pretty simple, 

If we make a song & we think it's a good fit for our catalog, we'll just ask you if we can put it in there. 

We sign the necessary publishing and one-stop agreements. 

And we take care of the rest from there. 

We network with music supervisors and ad agencies consistently so you don't need to worry about that. 

We'll buy them sushi, stay in contact & pitch the song when the time is right. 

We can only add songs we produced though.

This keeps our catalog consistent, our reputation intact & our business working.

We need to be sure that every party involved is allowing us to pitch this song as one-stop. 💯​

What that means is you'll be allowing us to place that song in any opportunity that crosses our desk. 

The good news though, we'll get to know you and make sure we don't cross your brands' ethics. 

Not even for a Superbowl commercial. 

Also, because we are naturally entitled to %50 of the project as the producer, 

We won't cut into that check any further as a publisher or record label. 

So when we do land that Superbowl ad, 

We're all going on a cruise. [We'll seriously take you if that happens.]

Only thing we need to do now is make that hit song. 







One Stop Agreement

Teacher Resources

Artist Resources

What is PR anyway? 

A question I've heard a lot over the years. 

Even more commonly, 

Ok, so what does that mean? 

What can I do?

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "send it down the wire" 

At least in movies. 

If not, it's cool. Not really relevant to us anyway. 

But it means to send a press release through a service called PR Newswire. 

Look em' up. 

They were founded in 1954 in New York City. 

And to my knowledge, they are still the leading company to "send it down the wire"

That's not what we do though. 

At least not unless we have to. 

We give you resources to form relationships with writers & editors to get your music featured in relevant blogs, magazines [e-zines] & news sites. 

"Look ma, I'm in Rolling Stone." - you 🗣

In short, we help you look good, get your music reviews, and just get your brand out to the world. 

If you need it [& budget allows], we'll even run the campaign for you. 

If not, we give you everything you need to get started today. 

Just hit up this kit. 

You want to sell merch, right?

Can't afford the upfront cost & commitment of buying a bunch of it in bulk though. 

Or just not ready to take the risk. 

That's where print on demand services come to play. 

Our favorite is Printful but a lot are out there. [Sorry other guys] 

You can go ahead and look into them now. 

If the task seems daunting we have the experience to help you out with ways to go from nothing to profit quickly.


We'll help with what store to host your merch on & how to approach fulfillment, sales & everything else. 


We can do this through our custom consultation sessions. 


Alternatively, you grab our getting started playbook. [Here - Coming ASAP] 

You've been playing for friends & doing open mics a while now. 

You've even opened some shows and had some awesome opportunities come your way. 

We're so proud of you. 🤩

Things are really getting ready to take off. 

You're just not feeling as confident as you should. [& that's ok]

That's what this is for. 

To make you feel more prepared than ever to step out into the starlight. 

It's a resource kit that includes everything you could be asked for & more.

Including A LOT of tips & tricks for putting on your own shows. 

With a guide all about that. 

If you don't know already that's what I used to do, it's even what I started this company for. Event production. 

I've done shows at the M&T Bank Stadium [Baltimore Raven], the Xfinity Center and many more. 

I've also worked with brands like Deloitte, IBM, Aerotek, even the Royal Norwegian Embassy. 

I worked for event production companies PRG [Production Resource Group] & Manor Hill Event Production [Fun group of guys] while running my own on the side. [It's part of how I funded all this] 

It was always my passion and dream to move into music production and artist development though. [Even had a corporate audio guy tell me he thought it would happen that I'd move away from that stuff & into this] 

Through all of that, 

The reason for my tangent 

I've learned a sh** ton about event production.

I was with PRG for work on the 2017 SuperBowl half time show, Trump's Inauguration, Drake's Award-winning tour,

and way too many sick events to list. 

[Now I'm just showing off ] 

It's only fair that I put this together with all of my experience to help others that haven't seen the behind the scenes learn what's up. 

What are the big guys doing, what can you do, how can you pull it off on your budget, etc. 

I hear ya, 

& I put together this resource kit with all the answers. 

Now go download it so I can watch you reach your true potential.


Even if you're already thriving, there's stuff in here you can learn. I'm sure of it. 


I've also packed in editable templates for your stage plot, setlist, email list collection, necessary contracts, gear inventory, merch inventory and other things you'll need to feel like the professional you're becoming.

A lot of you aren't ready for a manager.

Even if you think you are. 

They need to see a consistent income in most cases. 

And they will take at least %10 of your earnings. [Which is only fair] 

But are you ready to lose that %10? 

If so, we'll give you the resources to connect with the right manager. 

We might even just introduce you guys. 

But if not, we have this resource pack to get you started managing yourself. 


And that's a lot to manage [Trust us, we know 🙄] 

That's why this kit includes not only a guide to independent management. 

You can read most of that in our blog anyways. 

It also includes, you guessed it. 

More editable templates and contracts. 

If this seems redundant to you, that's because there are a lot of spreadsheets, contracts and other assets you need to keep a brand organized and profitable. 

But that's not all a manager does.

So that's not all that's in this kit either. 

In the full kit, we have actionable guides to best practices, social media planning, creating an email newsletter, and much-needed resources. 

At least I know I wish I had them ten years ago. 












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